As you probably know employers have a legal duty to provide staff working on VDUs with eye examinations and spectacles, if required.

The opticians 134 are connected with a number of company corporate schemes helping with eye care. Below are some of the schemes we are a part of and how they work:

Company: Eden Red

The employer receives an eye examination voucher which entitles the patient to one eye examination, without further charge, from a qualified Optometrist/Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner.

Once your eye examination has been completed a VDU certificate of recommendation is completed: whether or not spectacles are required. The certificate informs your employer whether or not VDU spectacles are required with our recommendations. You must present your employer with the certificate for you to be entitled for spectacle vouchers.

If required you will then receive a spectacles voucher from your employee. You can then bring the voucher into store to use towards a pair of spectacles.

We also accept Eden Red capital bond vouchers.

Company: Eyecare Plans

As an employee your company would provide you with a form which you would have to bring with you for a free eye examination and if VDU spectacles are required then you can receive up to 15%off from our choice of frames and lenses.


We are also available to provide safety spectacles. Please call or visit store for details.